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>> a bombing plot foiled here in the south bay. police make an arrest in
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the killing of a 13-year-old girl in fairfield. we have been tracking two crime scenes all afternoon as investigators gather evidence. the very latest on both of these developing stories. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the justice department kept it quiet for months. last night agents captured a man planning a bombing in a culvert investigation. >> reporter: it's likely that everyone who goes to that bank and the other businesses in that building are shocked. the man tried to destroy that building this morning but failed. the bank of america building on hagenberger in oakland seemed quiet today. >> i know this bank is not as crowded. >> reporter: but the peace gave
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way to shock. >> yeah, it's pretty crazy. man, wow. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office released this criminal complaint that describes how the man named matthew aaron llaneza tried to blow up the building. he built the ban who he thought was connected with the taliban but was actually an fbi agent and it wasn't a real bomb. llaneza specified a spot next to the support column to bring down the entire building. >> it's scary knowing that i bank here all the time. that's scary. >> reporter: he tried to set off a fake bomb this morning and was immediately arrested. >> he just hear all that stuff from the other side of the world but now it's coming here more often that's pretty scary. >> reporter: sources tell us that llaneza is a devout muslim who thought he was doing this to honor ala. >> bank of america is america,
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it's symbolic. >> i don't think there's any question there's a will the of people here that want to do this type of stuff. that have this as something that they're dedicated to accomplishing. the problem is, doing it. >> reporter: we also talked with a man who runs a business inside the building and he gave us a tour saying you always count on something like this happening some where else. live in the newsroom, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. this is not lleneza's first encounter. this is the neighborhood you see here. santa clara county prosecutors say his family asked for a mental health check. police say they found an assault rifle with ammunition he brought with him from arizona. llaneza had several military magazines and he has mental health issues. he was sentenced to six years in jail but only served about six months. we also learned today that
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llaneza ran a building called tactical llc out of this apartment in arizona. he graduated in 2006. he lived in mesa until he lived to san jose. we've posted the federal complaint. just look under the hot topics section. fairfield is a community in mourning tonight. friends are expected to gather in just about 30 minutes to hold a candlelight vigil for 13- year-old janell conway allen. you will recall his body was found last week close to a park. this morning police announced a death in her killing. police are still withholding key details about the case. noelle. >> reporter: frank and so is the district attorney. the d.a. held a quick media conference here at the solano news
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conference to address charges against this man. his name is anthony lamar jones. police arrested him early this morning. within the last hour or so, the ktvu crew that was at the house believed to be belonged to jones saw several investigators pulling out computers and items from this home. there's a lot of questions about investigations and very few details. >> the murder of a 13-year-old girl assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as a community. >> reporter: tonight the solano county district attorney announced murder charges against this man 32-year-old anthony lamar jones. police arrested jones at 7:00 in morning for the killing of 13-year-old janelle conway allen. a passer by found her naked body at a fairfield park a week ago today. police gave few details about
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the suspects or the crime. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he has been under 24 hour surveillance. >> reporter: at 9:00 this morning, neighbors watched as police and the fbi descended on this home on clifford lane. >> i can't answer any questions right now. >> i don't know what to think. >> reporter: wouldn't confirm who lived at this house by tell me the 13-year-old murder is the only case the fbi is in town investigating. >> it's a quiet neighborhood. a nice quiet neighborhood. never thought anything like this would happen of course. >> reporter: one neighbor told me he had seen him cutting hair in the garage. police say they have evidence linking jones to the killing and told ktvu they contacted sacramento county investigators as well to see if it might be linked to the killing of
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another girl. jessica fancousin was found dead. tonight there are people in fairfield breathing a sigh of relief and shaking their head. >> it's wrong, it's wrong. we have our children around here. you know it's wrong. it hurts our heart around here. >> reporter: so again in about a half an hour, the victim's family janelle's family is holding a vigil. this suspect is being arraigned here on wednesday at the solano county jail. noell walker, ktvu news. a classic nor'easter developing in the west. there's airport cancellations already occurring because of this storm. we have this other system that is going up the coast. the reason why they call them nor'easter is because they head
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up the northeastern coast. here's where we are right now. you can see the basic imagery. the blue being the snow. that's a big deal. wind gusts at 70 miles per hour. that's as we get into this evening's hour. this is an overnight event. it's out of here by saturday afternoon, sunday, this is a distant memory. but with that said we were just talk about boston. they have a few hills, big city. you put a foot or two of snow in a big city just imagine what that's going to be like. that's really what's happening. also you got a lot of flight delays. we're going to talk about your forecast for the weekend around the corner. we'll see you back here. the weather is causing problems including here in the bay area. tomorrow's flights to and from boston are already cancelled along with half of flights to new york. airlines are being proactive calling passengers to let them know their flights have been cancelled before they arrive at the airport. the storm moved into the
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northeast today closing businesses and sending people home for what could be a long weekend spent indoors. along the eastern seaboard, folks flocked to stores buying supplies. with as much as 3 feet of snow expected in some areas listen to this. the governor of massachusetts issued an emergency order today banning people from driving any where in the state. it's thought to be the first such ban in massachusetts since the blizzard of 1978. transit systems throughout the area are announcing service interruptions and amtrak has halted trains between new york city and boston. follow the ktvu weather team on facebook, twitter and our mobile ktvu app. they are tracking the weather 24 hours a day and updating you online. san jose police say a parolee who escape while in custody is back behind bars tonight. investigators say anthony sanchez slipped out of his
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handcuffs on wednesday after being arrested on a probation violation. he then escaped in an unmarked police van. last night, officers found sanchez in a south san jose neighborhood they say he was actually sleeping inside a stolen red truck. he was booked on charges including the original parol violation. workers at a mobile phone store in concord say someone drove a pickup truck right through the front window today as part of a robbery. it happened at 6:00 this morning in concord at the team mobile store in the clayton shopping center. whoever was inside that store stole several phones and then took off. new at 6:00, governor jerry brown today pushed to change a stringent and controversial state law that some say requires the use of toxic flame retardant in every day items. jade hernandez is in berkeley tonight with the change the governor wants manufacturers to make asap. jade-- >> reporter: frank, we're not very far from a store here in
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berkeley that already sells items without flame retar -- retardant in their products. but they're not the only ones thinks of the preprocautions. >> some of the things are outdated. >> reporter: but after today their goods may be more mainstream. >> the governor of california changed the game. >> reporter: michael green with the center of environmental health says flame retardants are toxic. >> we at the center for environmental health and others are going to be able to work collaboratively to make nontoxic stuff but were not able to. >> you have to weigh the
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balance. what's more important to take care of people's health as they use the materials or to count the risks of the fire. >> there are alternatives they should look into researching alternatives. >> reporter: alternatives although more expensive are out there. this wool bed found at earth's sake. already meets state standards. >> if you stick to natural and something pure you're able to pass a lot of these standards that you don't need to throw on all these chemicals. >> which make it safe for earl's daughter fria. >> your body absorbs what you lay on, you spent 30% of your life in bed. >> reporter: there's a 45 day comment period and it still has to be approved by the state office of administrative law. in berkeley, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a consumer advocacy group
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is calling for a reduction prescription drug use. the sites are a recent case of a hollywood doctor who admitted to using meth. wracking up points by impersonating assassins. you're three minutes away of finding out why a game that some students are playing is dead serious to police. a whole new look for a new season. just ahead what tim lincecum had to say about his clean cut and clean slate for 2013.
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when you don't have a good breakfast, it makes you grumpy. that's why i've got warm and flaky croissant sandwiches made with fresh egg and melting cheese. choose supreme or sausage. right now they're 2 for just $3.50. that's a great value that'll put anyone in a good mood. get off my lawn, clown! you sir, have excellent water pressure! just about an hour ago a
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popular steak house reopened after a virus led to its closure earlier this week. noro virus made two customers at fleming's steak house sick. the strain of noro virus circulating right now is especially viralent. >> the reason we're closing these restaurants is to give them the time to clean out the environment. >> employees were required to under go food safety classes. some consider it a fun game. but parents in one contra county city are being put on alert because the game can be
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danger. rob roth is live with the rule of engagement that are putting kids at risk. >> reporter: high school students call the competition assassins. they divide into teams and shoot nerf guns at each other. but school officials say it's gotten out of hand. this you tube video from a san ramon high school student gives you an idea of the nerf gun assassins competition. but officials from the unified school district send an e-mail to high school students saying the competition may be getting dangerous and is not sanctioned by the school district. >> and they're getting in their cars and they're speeding through traffic and they're chasing each other and those kind of things. that's just dangerous behavior. >> reporter: officials say some students are dressing in black ninja style clothes and painting their guns black. yesterday sheriff deputies received an alarmed call from an elementary school not knowing it was a game. >> a teacher and there were a few young students around too. saw somebody dressed all in
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black with what this teacher said looked like a gun. >> i don't think it should be done at all. >> because? >> because it's dangerous. someone is going to get hurt one day. >> reporter: you plan on stopping now? >> i don't think any harm has come to anybody so i don't see why. >> when it escalates to when people responding show up with real guns, then we have a problem. >> reporter: there are rules against painting the guns black or firing from moving cars. >> i don't think anybody is in harm's way and it's a fun way to unwind especially with the stresses of high school. >> there are some who just take it to another level. and that's when we feel that we need to respond. >> reporter: the school district says it isn't proposing a ban on nerf guns
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but are suggesting that parents discourage their kids from participating in the assassins competition. the california highway patrol held graduation and swearing in for 87 new officers. >> and i will never commit any act -- >> and i will never knowingly commit any act -- >> today's class is made up of 86 men and one woman. the new female officer said she felt a lot of support from the wives and families of her classmates. those on hand for today's graduation took a moment to remember officer kenyon youngstrom. youngstrom was shot and killed by a motorist following a stop. youngstrom graduated from the police academy in january of 2006. apple is accused of
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conspiring with publishers to raise prices in its electronic bookstore to try to understood mine amazon's dominance in the e book market. today the fifth and final publisher named in the case signed a settlement. apple is rejecting the price fixing allegations and faces trial in june. tracking the remnants of those showers that we saw last night and early this morning. they're heading south. they're down in southern california. we're drying out. you can see the green in point conception. along the coast swells are picking up a little bit. swells all weekend are going to be big. the weather is going to be nice too. with these swells coming in 15, 16 feet be careful going to the beaches because the rip tides this time of year with the swells. when the weather is nice and the coast is one of the warmest spots to go. people go out there. with big surf and nasty rip
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tides. be careful going out there. we've done a few stories about dogs getting caught in and people going after them. this is that kind of weekend. so please be careful. not giant, not mavericks stuff but i know how it is. people see it. they're going to wade out a little bit and the rips are nasty right now. 33 in vallejo. you are going to get some cold spots up around the napa and santa rosa in the mid-20s. the next few mornings tomorrow morning, sunday morning, monday morning, tuesday morning are going to be freezing. so you're going to see frost. maybe black ice if you look really hard. remotely sunny in the afternoon. temperatures will come down into the mid- and upper 50s. 58 in napa with a 56 in berkeley. so not quite in the 60-degree range. let's step out of the way. 56 in pacifica. you get to san jose, 58, 59 in
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h -r began hill. -- in morgan hill. those winds are actually going to keep the air quality issues we have with spare the air day. it's going to keep us from having a spare the air night. so a little bit of wind. it's going to keep areas around the bay a little bit warmer so we're not anticipating as much frost until you get inland. the winds keep things a little warmer, keep the frost, make it tough for the frost to form. that's at the higher elevations and around the bay. i mentioned earlier julie there's no rain in this five day and really there's no rain in the next five day. it's a long range forecast but a little spooky. because we need rain and it doesn't look like we're going to see it in a little while. >> all right, thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the vigil gets under way for 13- year-old murder victim janelle conway allen. we will go live and update you on if arrest of the suspect. we take you live to the east coast that's where what's
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being billed as the biggest winter storm ever is ramping up at this hour. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. kaepernick heads back to the tattoo parlor. coming up in three minutes the new work he added to his body of art following the 49ers loss in new orleans.
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well we know now at least one thing, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has been doing since his team came oh so close to winning the super bowl. he posted this picture yesterday to instagram of his new tattoo. kaepernick added tribal art on his chest. his tattoo artist from humble beginnings also joined in posting this photo of the work as it was being done. he says the work is about family, inner strength, spirituality growth. >> flacco heads to disney and kaepernick goes to the tattoo
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parlor. >> on his back he put there's always next year. >> hopefully so. >> the new look of tim lincecum as he is no longer sporting the long hair. look at him with the spectacles check it out. he's gone from the long long hair look to the clean cut. and the nonprescription glasses of course, jimmy wanted to talk about the new look you bet everybody was talking about it today. >> i wasn't going for any look i was just going after something i liked. >> you got oracle written all over you. google. >> well i don't have all the answers. >> what did you take away from last year, your experience. your roller coaster regular season then your extraordinary postseason. >> i look back at it taking it for what it was as it was. at the time, you know i was just trying to help the team. during the season you're trying to do your job to help the team. and then when you're put in a situation like i was in the
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postseason, it's the most self- less situation you can be in when you get in the play offs and you're just trying to make it to that next game. this year is a little different. i'm hoping to get back on that hope and being the center of attention again and restaking my claim as a starting pitcher and a good one. >> quite a dramatic change. maybe bryan wilson ought to take a page out of that book. >> second round of the at&t now we take a look at what the coach has been doing since the super bowl. practicing his swing there. the t pot. most of the leaders avoiding the cameras today on other courses. check it out from hunter mayhan behind a tree. he would leave that for a 5- foot birdie. he's tied third, one back at 7- under behind the leaders ted potter jr. and brant neticker. there you go. what do you think of the new look. would you like it? >> i wouldn't recognize him if i saw him walking down the street if we didn't just see
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him. >> more like clark kent. an arrest was made in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. this as friend and family gather for a candlelight vigil. full coverage coming up on tv 36. time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show
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